What we do: the why and how. Here's the quick answer:


Our founder lost his grandfather to prostate cancer, and later, a friend's 20 year old son to testicular cancer. We also think CrossFit is pretty badass and know that we could raise money to help others who are affected by these cancers.


I. Every April (testicular cancer awareness month), we ask CrossFit boxes to host our annual Jerks for Jewels CrossFit fundraiser workout: A Whole New Ballgame. Registration is free for boxes, but individual teams pay, through our website, to participate.

II. After the fundraiser, we take this money and financially support college men who have been diagnosed with testicular cancer. There are two ways we donate these funds:

a. By paying a portion of the student's medical or education costs; or

b. After remission/recovery, paying for a years membership to a CrossFit box of his choice.

More detailed info about us!

Jerks for Jewels began as a part of a company called Journey Seeker and later branched off to become it's own 501(c)(3). It was started as a way to focus on masculinity and to stand for men and their concerns by raising awareness and funds in the CrossFit community for men's health issues. 

We support men and boys already diagnosed with testicular cancer and support screenings and detection of prostate cancer. In the years to come, Jerks for Jewels will be expanding our charitable reach beyond testicular and prostate cancer. We will be including, single fathers, and men's suicide. This all encompassing male-centered charity will be a first of it's kind by covering the full gamut of men's issues.

"Every hour a male is diagnosed with testicular cancer. 1 of 270 men, ages 15-35, will die each year."

"Every year 24,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer, the most common cancer in men. 1 in 7 men will be diagnosed in their lifetime."

"Both are almost 100% curable if found early."

Males are being diagnosed with these deadly forms of cancer daily. What's sad and frustrating is, if detected early, they are both almost 100% curable! The problem is, men don't want to talk about this and are unaware of the importance of self-exams. Just as women feel a close connection and identity with their breasts, so does a man with his pillar and stones.

This is where the community comes in. We want CrossFit affiliates to come along side and partner with us each April to host a Jerks for Jewels fundraiser to raise money to support the education and awareness of these cancers.

This is an annual event that can be made in to a community, fun-filled day to workout or even compete. Go out to your local CrossFit affiliate, donate to the cause, workout, and know that you're doing something good.

Meet the Founders


CHRIS - Founder and President

Chris is a single father, firefighter and journey seeker and was born under a wandering star. Is it fun? Then yes! Is it difficult? Sign him up! He is always looking for new ways to grow, challenge himself, and be a better father and man. Chris spent ten years in the Marines Corps as a martial arts instructor but had never been more physically challenged then when he started Crossfit in 2014.

Kristen Callahan

KRISTEN - Founder and Vice President

Kristen is the wildcard of the bunch, the unexpected Ace that takes the hand. Like the cold Northeastern wind from her home town in upstate New York she is the much needed breath of fresh air of the business. A business minded scotch drinker and cigar smoker, she fits right in but brings the unique female insight that Jerks for Jewels wouldn't be the same without.

Meet the Board of Directors

Michael Garrett.jpg

Michael Garrett - Treasurer

Michael Garrett is a native of Raleigh North Carolina but considers Greensboro home. He studied business administration and economics at The Bryan School of Business and Economics at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and proceeded to work in investment banking with Morgan Stanley. Passionate about small business, he left investment banking to pursue opportunities to build and grow several firms into the profitable companies they are today. Michael is currently the Managing Partner of Marketing Associates, REVI Capital, Sierra Holdings, and Phoenix Capital Partners. In his free-time he gives back to the community by volunteering for the local YMCA, as well as serving on multiple community boards. Michael has served on the United Way Education Impact Council, Juvenile Crime Prevention Council, UNCG Board of Visitors, UNCG Excellence Foundation, Chairman of the UNCG Alumni Association, and the Guilford Gang Commission just to name a few. Grateful for the opportunities he has been given he believes everyone has an obligation to pay it forward.

Pathak%2c Ram Anil 0717 print.jpg

Ram Pathak - Member

Ram Pathak, MD is Urologic Surgeon who practices at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. After completing both undergraduate and medical school at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA, he attended Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville Florida for his Urologic Residency. He has first-authored several publications in the fields of Urologic Oncology and Men's Health. His primary focus is minimally-invasive Robotic surgery and is currently super-specializing in this area. He enjoys furthering men's health issue both in an academic and global setting.

Photo Nov 10, 9 50 36 AM.jpg

Brandon Fulwider - Member

Beneath Brandon Fulwider’s hard candied exterior lies a soft, silly, and gooey center. From treasure hunting to a boy band, there is no job Brandon hasn’t done. With that said, Brandon comes with years of CrossFit coaching experience and has his L1 and L2/ Coaches Prep certificates and is looking to sit for his L3 in the future. He has years and thousands of hours of head coaching experience and box managment. His true strength on the board lies with his experience in helping organize and run competitions from as big as The Crush Games to as small as in-house and muli-box competitions. He is a full time husband and fireman, as well as the GM for Top Tier CrossFit - Winston Salem. He’s in love with helping people. He dedicates his time and life to creating and growing things that help improve lives and experiences.

Bruce Fields.jpg

Bruce Fields - Member

Bruce Fields has been CrossFitting for 10 years and says he specializes in intensity. Bruce started doing CrossFit to get in better shape for the Firefighter Combat Challenge. Seeing the curiosity people had in the gym watching them do CrossFit sparked the idea to open his own CrossFit gym. Bruce is a CrossFit Games athlete and was a Top 10 finisher in the Firefighter Combat Challenge. When he’s not at the gym, you can find him spending time with his family, hunting, and enjoying outdoor sports.